BOBIT BUSINESS MEDIA, the world’s largest fleet publisher, has served the fleet market for over 55 years. Since Automotive Fleet’s launch in 1961, Bobit’s Auto Fleet Group has grown to include nine print magazines, seven conferences and tradeshows, 14 industry web sites, and 14 e-mail newsletters. We cover the fleet market from top to bottom — from commercial and government fleets, to fleets of cars to light, medium and heavy duty trucks and all levels of fleet professionals.

Work Truck Magazine and Bobit Business Media’s history of working hand in hand with fleet professionals and the companies that serve them, enables us to have a deep-rooted understanding of the industry and the issues it faces, as well as the solutions that can best fit a fleet’s needs.

Together we have created an event where industry thought leaders have the opportunity to explore the essential components of creating and maintaining efficient and effective light and medium-duty truck and van fleets.

Join us at Work Truck eXchange — intelligently-designed education and networking for the thought leaders in the fleet industry.